Chronic Fatigue


Don’t just blame it on Monday, or a long week, or the lack of coffee. You could very well be a victim of chronic fatigue. Don’t be referred from doctor and doctor and take the time out of your days only to come out with no results or solutions. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are possibly the most misunderstood diagnosis in conventional medicine, and can often be ignored by doctors for years, resulting in the patient’s symptoms and condition grow worse and worse. With modern and conventional medicine, usually the only hope is potential experimental therapies being used over time, and while waiting, you only feel worse as time passes.

Why does this always seem to be the case? Because the issue is that there is not only one answer.

Alternative medicine and naturopathic medicine are the path to take for finding an approach to these syndromes. Approaches vary depending on the case and the patient, but that only means that each treatment and medicine will be formed around you, your body and what works best for you, resulting in your own personal solution. However, the only way to achieve this is with individualized care. 


Chronic fatigue is a growing concern, with more and more cases in the last few decades. This condition costs billions of dollars between loss of productivity in the workplace, to stressful situations brought upon families, medical tests, and more. Both men and women can experience chronic fatigue at any age and it is not alleviated by sleeping in or resting more. The root cause can vary from patient to patient, making it hard to diagnose. However, with functional medicine, you can live an energetic and more productive life.

In order to begin receiving the relieving results that you’ve been dreaming of (during your sleepless nights), individualized care is a necessity. With that, Dr. Coplin will examine your case in great detail, and the proper care will be administered based on your individualized needs. Because these symptoms and syndromes are complex and detailed, cases vary from patient to patient.

No two treatments are the same, so rely on our holistic doctor for patient-centered therapy that will take you down the right road to reach results.

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