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You only get one body, so treat it right. Whatever health condition you have been faced with, Dr. Coplin is prepared to help you in any way possible. With so many conditions and symptoms out there, it can be tough to pinpoint the exact problem that’s causing any pain or discomfort. Rather than self-medicating or self-diagnosing, come to Dr. Coplin for holistic medicine and functional medicine that will make a world of difference.

Chronic Illness Chronic Fatigue Men’s Health Skin Issues

For these kinds of health conditions and many others, visit Dr. Marcus Coplin’s office. The holistic doctor approach is one that we believe you will find great results from. We can help you get a good night’s sleep again, ease any pain, create a clear complexion and many other results from chronic symptoms and conditions that you’ve been experiencing in your everyday life.

“Our bodies are our gardens…” –William Shakespeare


What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the future of conventional medicine. Holistic doctors work with their patients to identify and address the source of diseases and illnesses. They treat the whole body and not just the symptoms. Instead of surgery or medication, the doctor will recommend the functional medicine approach which involves therapies and education on how to live a better life.

Holistic doctors address the underlying causes of the illness or disease and are more patient-focused than disease-focused. They spend time with their patients, getting information about their histories and making connections to genetics, environments, and lifestyles. These factors can influence a patient’s long-term health and chronic diseases.

Why do we need Functional Medicine?

We need functional medicine for a number of reasons. Society is shifting to a world where more people are experiencing and suffering from complex, chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and much more. General physicians gear their practices toward medicinal approaches and surgeries. However, the body may become used to medicine and they may not work as well down the road. 

When you are ready to see our holistic doctor, you can live your most vital life through the prevention and treatment of illnesses and diseases. For more information, contact us today.

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