Nutrition vs. Digestion


Is this debate new to you? It’s a topic that’s not talked about often, yet actually plays a crucial role when it comes to healthy nutrition and even dieting. The correct nutrition breaks down into biochemical fuel that our bodies can use to run a healthy biological machine: our bodies! Digestion, however, tends to be even more important.

Digestion - the process that our body uses to transform the foods we eat into the useable fuel.

If digestion is not functioning at a high level, the foods we eat congest our digestive tract leading to inflammation and many other symptoms, including non-beneficial bacterial growth. Because of this, an efficient digestive system is essential to our health. By providing the body with properly digested nutrition, we build healthy cells, healthy organs and an overall healthy life.


Many patients who have tried this naturopathic treatment notice a major difference in how they feel and even look. We start by taking them off of any supplements that they were relying on in order to see results. In many cases, these supplements were clogging their bodies and creating under-functioning digestive systems, adding strain to the body and therefore, creating the opposite effect of what they were trying to achieve.

Any and all medicines that we provide are alternative medicines and naturopathic medicines that enhance your body’s function and provide the correct amounts of properly digested and assimilated nutrients to your cells.

Is this a lot of information to swallow? We understand the facts that you’ve most likely been kept away from can be overwhelming. Dr. Coplin and the rest of the naturopathic healthcare staff are happy to help you to the path of success when it comes to your weight loss and nutritional journey. Call today to set up an appointment to get started.

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