Skin Issues


Live your life without being embarrassed or ashamed of the skin you’re in. As time goes on, we are faced with an increasing amount of patients who are face-to-face with chronic and untreatable skin issues. Skin is the barrier between us and the outside world. Issues affecting the skin can come from a variety of sources, and it takes careful investigation to uncover the true source of the distress.

Conventional treatments for skin disorders usually end at steroids and anti-inflammatories. Though this may make a skin eruption disappear, it doesn't treat the disturbance the skin was attempting to push out.

From psoriasis to eczema and chronic acne, our office has seen a series of immune disrupting antibiotics and suppressive steroids that have been prescribed. Sometimes, they’re paired with vague advice, which is usually to avoid gluten. 

In most cases, these approaches do not lead to the complexion they desire and the deeper issue causing these skin issues is being ignored!


Naturopathic healthcare takes a holistic view of the skin, understanding irritation and inflammation. We know that these symptoms have deeper roots and can originate far beneath the surface. An individualized approach offers a unique treatment that varies from patient to patient, so you will have a skin care plan that is unique to your routine and skin type!

With our alternative approach, we’re confident that we can restore your self-esteem. Let our confidence reflect onto you, and work with us for your personal, individualized treatment to get the skin that you’ve been wanting for years. With our previous patients, not only have we healed their skin, but also propelled them to a high level of health they didn’t know was even possible for themselves.

What level of clear complexions and health can you attain?

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