Vitamin Therapy


There are a lot of different factors that go into a lifestyle in order to live a happy and healthy life. It’s not just working out regularly or being sure that you eat plenty of veggies. It’s a breakdown of making sure you’re receiving all of the proper nutrients in appropriate portions. Many symptoms that we experience throughout life are the end result of a lack of the proper nutrients in our systems. When we are missing the right amount of essential nutrients, our body’s function begins to diminish as weakened biochemical pathways are left without the correct keys to unlock their abilities.

Vitamin therapy is a safe, fast, and effective way of restoring function to the body by feeding the lack of proper nutrition. The body is built to work, and when given the correct amounts of the right nutrients, it will do just that.

Symptoms ranging from fatigue to immune issues, chronic pain, sleep issues, anger issues, anxiety and depression are helped when the correct amounts of nutrients are restored to the system.

Specific formulas are developed based on your specific needs and administered directly into your body, bypassing the need for digestion and absorption, which means higher amounts of nutrients delivered to the cells in less time and you feeling better sooner.

Many patients start with vitamin B12 therapy.


As a great starting point for being sure you’re receiving all the necessary nutrients and vitamins and the proper levels of each, B12 shots are great therapy. B12 is a vitamin in the water soluble B family and is essential for humans, but is tough to absorb in good amounts. It can be found naturally in dairy, organ meats, and fermented food. Even with good absorption, a diet lacking in these foods can lead to a functional deficiency. In order to properly absorb B12 from a diet or supplements, the body must create something called intrinsic factor.

Intrinsic factor binds B12, forming a complex that is easily absorbed by your body.

The Trouble: Intrinsic factor is tied to our ability to create stomach acid. Stress, anxiety, alcohol consumption, dietary inflammation, antacids, poor foods and many other factors will lead to decreased absorption of the B12 intrinsic factor complex, leaving you in need of this essential nutrient.

The Good News: B12 shots are safe, fast, effective and relatively painless. It’s one of the best ways to replenish your system with vitamin B12. Sometimes, the effects are noticeable right away, and most feel them within 12-24 hours.

What Happens: B12 shots replenish your system and work by stimulating your metabolism, building red blood cells and nourishing the nervous system. Because of this, people tend to feel reduced stress levels, experience decreased nerves and all around feel less edgy. As a result, they are more energized without a jittery feeling. This stimulation results in a reduction in sluggish metabolism and the other associated symptoms.

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If you experience tiredness, weakness, memory problems, depression, anxiety, sore tongue, upset stomach, difficulty with balance, along with a variety of other symptoms, then it might be a good idea for our doctor to take a look. About 25% of the U.S. population suffers from B12 deficiency, most of which are older than 50 and 60 years old. Instead of taking a variety of medications to “fix” the problems, we can administer B12 shots which are safe and effective. If you are interested in this functional medicine approach, give our office a call today.

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