Active Approach


With a special focus on men’s health at Dr. Marcus Coplin’s office, we have found that active steps toward their health is the best method of restoration. Many assume that men don’t go to the doctor or make an appointment until something is very wrong, but with our male health focus, we’ve not only found that assumption to be false, but we’re also successful with women and children.

Why do male patients, especially, take a proactive approach toward their health?

We believe it is because we provide active steps to how our patients can restore their health and maintain a high level of health for years to come. Rather than handing out vague diagnoses, designing controlling treatment plans and prescribing unnecessary medicines, we allow our patients to sit in the driver’s seat of the treatment with both hands on the wheel. Sure, we may be somewhat of a backseat driver, but our routine examination and progress reports are what eliminate the added drugs and doctor’s office visits.


This active approach isn’t just for men. In our focus and studies on men’s active approach, we’ve found it to be especially successful and therefore, just as beneficial for women and children alike. This proactive approach toward treatment for all kinds of chronic illnesses and diagnoses provides a rational and predictable plan for care that allows the patient to have much more control of their life and results.

When you come to Dr. Coplin for chronic illness treatment and proactive approaches, you will never be left out in the dark. Take control of your life and work toward the results you want and need. To learn more about our proactive treatments, call today.

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