Conditions Treated


When you seek out naturopathic medicine and healthcare at Dr. Coplin’s office, he will work with you to treat you, the whole person. The human body has an innate healing ability. Working together, a customized and specific approach will be developed and customized to you alone, and treat you entirely.  As a holistic doctor, he will help support your body's natural ability to heal while removing obstacles preventing the healing process.

When the body is in distress it sends symptoms as signals that things aren't right. By suppressing the symptoms, you are setting yourself up to become more ill. We work together to remove those symptoms entirely. For example, learning how and what to eat, exercises to complete, and how to take care of our bodies, are certain ways we help treat the body. This way of medicine helps prevent more pain and saves money in the long run. Rid yourself from daily medication and take a natural approach. 

 With this in mind, please consider the common conditions that many patients have found help with by seeking out alternative and holistic medicine and care.


Anxiety is the end result of unrecognized and unmanaged stress. We will work together to uncover and release the underling stresses that trigger anxiety. Through a combination of herbal medicines, nerve-targeted vitamins and active awareness stress reduction, you will take control of your life and no longer let your anxiety limit your experience.


Allergies indicate a high level of chronic inflammation in your body. Certain triggers will push that chronic inflammatory load into a classic picture of allergies. We will work together to uncover your biochemically unique triggers, as well as address and heal the underlying causes of inflammation in your body.


Asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments are the end result of chronically suppressed inflammation. We will work together to strengthen the organs of respiration with herbs and nutrients, while safely and effectively eliminating the burden your body has worked to suppress up until now. Once you begin the process of burden elimination, the strengthened organs create a foundation for deep and stable breaths.


Targeted herbal therapies have a fantastic track record of kicking out even the more virulent illnesses. And due to the multiple effects herbs have on the body, both bacterial and viral infections can be cured through the correct herbal formula. If indicated, we will run a culture in order to pick a targeted and effective antibiotic, and we will put you on a program to rebuild your immune system after treatment.


The State of California does not authorize naturopathic doctors (ND) to directly treat the diagnosis of Cancer. That being said, there are many very effective adjunctive therapies that patients with cancer may undertake through the care of an ND. Through vigilant herbal prescribing, dietary modifications, vitamin infusions and mind-body approaches to healing, many patients have included naturopathic care as part of their holistic approach to healing.

The therapies mentioned treat the immune system of the body, ensuring that the body's own ability to recognize and destroy sick cells is functioning at an optimum level. Added to that is consistent detoxification and cellular metabolic strengthening so the body can heal quickly and completely.

Cardiovascular Disease

Our blood contains the elements that nurture and build the cells that make up our whole body. The health of the blood, heart and blood vessels is all interconnected. Cholesterol and blood pressure can be early signs of cardiovascular distress, but there are other markers as well. Through dietary and herbal programs, alongside regular exercise, your heart will keep a healthy tick for years to come. During your comprehensive cardiovascular blood panel, we will build you an individualized profile and treatment for optimal blood, heart and vessel health.

Dermatological Disease 

The skin is our largest continuous organ and is part of a series of organs known as the emunctories, or organs of detoxification. When the primary emunctories are overburdened, the skin takes over. Suppressive therapies only drive the illness deeper into the body, and the eruptions will come back after the conventional treatment is discontinued. By addressing the underlying cause of the disturbance and supporting the other emunctory organs, the naturopathic approach heals illness of the skin from the inside out.

Digestive Disorders

Our digestive tract is one of the first organs to form as we develop in the womb. This is because of the central role digestion plays in our life. As such, disturbances of the digestive tract can be a foundational element in many chronic illnesses, from autoimmune to skin disorders and cancer. Through comprehensive dietary analysis, a program of herbal and probiotic health, along with vigilant monitoring and assessment chronic ailments of the gut, can receive tremendous benefits. The naturopathic adage treats the gut and allows the body to heal.

Environmental Illness

The modern world is filled with toxic exposure, from food sources, plastic, old building materials, and smog; the list goes on. Our bodies are strong and have multiple mechanisms in place to handle and process toxicity. However, a combination of factors can lead to these mechanisms getting overrun. Our body then begins to store this toxic burden, and this can lead to serious and varied health issues. At our office we work to get your body back on track, free from toxic burden. Testing for toxic exposure and body burden can help target therapies for eliminating that burden from the body. Depending on the severity of your burden, we will tailor a detox and depuration program to meet your needs. Through a combination of herbal and homeopathic cellular cleansing and focused natural detoxification agents, we will safely and with minimal impact to the health of your body, eliminate the burden you have been carrying, freeing you to enjoy optimum levels of health.

Genitourinary Conditions

Issues of the pelvis and urinary tract can seem unmanageable. However, many times the symptoms we experience are the end result of multiple factors that have been in place, often for quite some time. At our office, your symptoms will be addressed and comfort will be restored to your body.

But we go a step further.

Once you are out of distress, we will work with you to reverse the predisposing factors that led to your symptoms. This means that not only will the problem be fixed, but you will be stronger and set up to avoid the same issues in the future.

Hormonal Imbalances 

Our hormones are a complex and sophisticated system. A problem in one area is often compensating for silent problems elsewhere. At our office, we take a holistic view of the hormonal system. By looking at all the factors that play into your unique hormone profile, we target our treatment and tailor it for you.

We have experience working with patients already on hormonal therapy, supporting that therapy or if indicated, transferring to a gentler nature-based approach. Comprehensive hormonal testing ensures that the benefit you feel from our therapy is being seen in your biochemistry. Whether the problem lies is thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones or a combination of multiple factors, we will work together to create an effective health plan that has you at the center.

Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat

Herbal remedies, fortifying vitamin therapy, hydrotherapy treatments… all of these are geared toward strengthening the body and the immune system so that you can beat the sickness. It leaves your body stronger and more ready to fight off the next bout of illness, too, meaning you will stay healthier.

There is an old joke in medicine that says of a flu treatment, “take this medicine and you will be better in seven days, or go home and rest and you'll be better in a week.” Though rest is foundational to health and recovery from illness, our therapies take it a step further and ensure you bounce back to optimal health as rapidly, gently and completely as possible.

Immune Conditions

Conditions of the immune system cover a large list, from autoimmune disorders such as lupus, scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis to chronic infections such as EBV, CMV or HIV.

Our therapies are all geared towards supporting and enhancing a healthy and ordered immune response. Our dietary program, herbal remedies, vitamin infusions and hydrotherapy work together synergistically to ensure the correct and active response of your immune system.

Metabolic Conditions

Conditions of the metabolism can be very difficult to navigate alone. Blood sugar, extra weight, cholesterol and fatigue are just the tip of the iceberg. Our approach to your health looks at all the factors involved, but also aims to see the whole picture: you.

So much more than just finding an herb to replace your medication, we work together to bring your system back into balance and get you feeling like you again. We strive to make this process as gentle and easy to follow through with as possible. Through a combination of herbs, diet modification, specific exercises, mind-body techniques, vitamin therapy and hydrotherapy, we will create a plan for you that is manageable and effective. Take your life back; get the energy and drive to live a life in health. We will do it together.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Whether it’s a sports injury, a pulled muscle, fibromyalgia or a whole host of other pain and structural issues, naturopathic care works to heal you completely. Through a combination of osteopathic hands-on therapy, herbs, hydrotherapy and physiomedicine, our office will provide you with natural solutions to what ails you.

Our goal is to heal the cause of the pain, rather than just medicate it out of the mind. When you seek care at our office, you will undergo a detailed intake and structural analysis in order to determine a targeted approach to your specific concerns. Through treatment, you will notice a reduction in pain alongside an increase in strength. We aim to get you to the point where you can enjoy the activities in your life again that bring you joy.


Men’s Health 

There are specific issues that come up for men around their health. The conventional options that exist mainly slow the progress, but don’t work to reverse and heal the causes behind men's health concerns. Through a combination of comprehensive biochemical analysis, nutritional programs, herbal remedies and hydrotherapy, the male-specific concerns can be healed. Whether you are interested in a preventive approach or are actively looking to address a concern, our clinic has answers. Our goal is to empower our male patients to age gracefully and to remain active and energetic throughout their lives.


It is so important that we allow young immune systems the chance to fully develop into a healthy adult’s immunity. This means supporting them in times of sickness without suppressing their bodies’ natural reactions to illness.

We seek to provide your child with effective therapy that gives them relief, while allowing them to grow and mature into healthy, responsive adults. Our children are our future, and it is our aim to help create a healthy future for everyone.

Women’s Health 

A naturopathic approach to women's health respects the rhythms and cycles that are unique to women. All of our therapies are aimed at restoring balance to your system and empowering your body to heal itself. 

Our office works alongside gifted midwives in the community who practice well-women care. Your health and body are respected and understood, and when needed, supported in their healing processes.


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