After my first appointment with Dr. Coplin I was able to feel a significant difference in how my anxiety effected me. And now, after a couple of months, I have my anxiety under control in a way that I have not experienced in years. - 36 year old Investment Banker; NYC


With Dr. Coplin's program, I was able to spend this summer outdoors without needing to reach for the Claritin. I love being able to hike with a clear head. - 28 year old Media Content Manager/ Nature Enthusiast; Northern California


I had no idea that the use of steroid cream my whole life set me up for asthma. It took a little while to get going, but I can testify to the results of the naturopathic way. After seeing Dr. Coplin, I now have my inhaler for emergencies only, and haven't needed it for a long while. - 52 year old Nurse; Seattle, WA


The doctor gave me medicine that tasted like pizza. Then my cough went away. - 7 year old lego enthusiast; Seattle, WA


The naturopathic care I received gave my body the strength to fight. - 64 year old aircraft manufacturer; Seattle, Wa

Cardiovascular Disease

With the Doc's program I got off the drugs and took control of my health. My blood pressure has been great and I have more energy than I know what to do with. - 55 year old contractor; NYC

Dermatological Disease 

I can't believe how clear my skin is. No steroid cremes or anything. - 22 year old stylist; NYC

Digestive Disorders

Dr. Coplin saved my life. I had gone three months without being able to keep food down. After all the tests and hospitals I could handle, I found Dr. Coplin. After my first visit, the herbs he gave me calmed my spastic stomach and I was able to keep soup down. Now its almost two years later and I haven't had another episode since. I am back to my normal weight, and back to a normal life. - 34 year old bank manager; NYC

Environmental Illness

I thought I was doing everything right, but I just could not shake my symptoms. When the test showed I had high levels of heavy metal it was a real relief. There was something I could do. I decided with the doctor to do his gentle food based cleanse. Within a couple weeks I was feeling better and when we tested again the levels had dropped. - 45 year old artist; Seattle, WA

Genitourinary Conditions

I had about four different UTIs this last year. I kept getting antibiotics, and they would go away for a while, but always come back. The last one I had I said, I gotta do something different. After working with Dr. Coplin and getting on his herbs and diet program I havent had another UTI and I feel healthy- 27 year old retail worker; Northern California

Hormonal Imbalances

I couldn't believe the difference in my energy. Dr. Coplin not only treated my thyroid, but showed me how my stress and adrenal health was part of the picture. - 36 year old business owner; NYC

Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat

A bunch of my friends all got sick at the same time. I was back in school and back at practice before any of the other girls. I think it is because of the herbs and the warming socks the doctor gave me. - 13 year old volleyball player; Northern California

Immune Conditions

I was on a bunch of drugs for my arthritis. When the doc told me there was a connection with my gut and my hands I thought he was a little out there, but I was out of options. It took a little time and some work, but today I am off the drugs and my pain is under control. - 64 year old 49ers fan; Northern California

Men’s Conditions

I was having all sorts of issues, and just kept getting worse under my original doctors care. I had been to a chiropractor who loaded me up with supplements that he expected me to keep taking, at a great cost to me. The difference with Dr. Coplin's approach was that I had a clear idea of his plan, and what it was going to take to get me well, and why we were doing what we were doing. - 72 year old farmer; Northern California

Metabolic Issues

I had been tired for months. I knew I wasn't in top shape but when my vision started getting weird, I knew something was wrong. Dr. Coplin took my blood sugar and it was off the charts. I was pretty scared, but he talked me through it. I felt very supported, and with his program of diet and herbs my blood sugar has normalized and I have been steadily losing weight. My vision is back to normal and I have more energy to do the things I enjoy. - 58 year old attorney; Northern California

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Dr. Coplin spent so much time assessing exactly what was wrong with me, I felt like he really understood my pain. I was shocked that he treated my shoulder when I was having chronic neck and head pain. After my first treatment I felt better. After a few visits I was able to get back on my bike for a real ride. - 29 year old weekend bicycle tourer; NYC


As a new parent, whenever my guy gets sick I worry. When his ear infections kept coming back I was beside myself. Dr. Coplin got him on a diet program and gave him some medicine and some herbal compresses for the ear pain. He bounced right back and hasn't had another ear infection since. - Mother of a 4-year-old bug-lover; Seattle, WA

Women’s Health

I finally found a health team that didn't make me feel ashamed of having women specific health concerns. Instead of just giving me a pill to "get rid" of the infection, I was supported and guided in really healing through my illness. - 26 year old graduate student; Northern California


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